GABORONE 28 June 2017, Botswana president Lt Gen Dr Seretse Khama Ian Khama , vice president Mokgweetsi Eric Keabetswe Masisi, former president Festus Mogae, cabinet ministers including some African leaders and general public gather at the University of Botswana indoor sports center at the State Memorial Service of Thanksgiving for the life and service of the former president Sir Ketumile Masire on 28 June 2017. President Sir Ketumile Masire has died on 22 June 2017. He was 91. (Pic:MONIRUL BHUIYAN/PRESS PHOTO)

In Rra Gaone’s Botswana they were more jobs than Batswana, there were more good Samaritans than criminals and children knew their place. Graduates were guaranteed a job, Ipelegeng then namula leuba was a choice and politicians listened to their voters. Masire believed in engagement before rushing to splash the nation’s hard earned money, and in marked contrast to the current President, engaged with the All Party Congress to postpone the introduction of Omang in national elections, when opposition leaders raised their concerns.

Rra Gaone leaves behind an unhappy nation, more so than he and the other founding fathers of this great nation would ever have imagined. Truly speaking he died a sad man, he watched children he brought up, undermine nation and loot the state as they wished. He leaves behind an unprecedented number of unemployed youth, who in this modern Botswana have no future. More tenuously, Masire leaves behind a country at a cross roads. Batswana are more divided than they ever been. The peace and stability we enjoyed under his leadership is vanishing at an alarming rate and the “state” in this new era has become the enemy. Masire leaves behind a nation on mute, too afraid to voice opinion and be labeled an enemy of the state.

All the recent abuses that been heaped on and have befallen this great nation cannot erase the good memories we had under Masire leadership. He was a parent not only by being a father, but because he cared for the future of every Motswana regardless of their background. During his time, no school in this country was in short of teaching materials. Teachers were happy, they loved their jobs as they were inspired by the leader who was less concerned over his personal wealth and more over running a clean government. He had his faults but those were faults that any normal leader would have made. His motivation was to serve the nation, not to defraud the state under the pretext of personal transportation needs and tenuous justifications over conflicts of interests for his companies, hence he died an ordinary man with enough to carry him through the day. Masire’s life was not a mystery, he was one of us and he loved it.

Those that blame Rra Gaone, blame him for saving Botswana’s money not for stealing it. During his tenure as the leader of this great nation Masire made sure that enough was saved for the future even though some say that curtailed Botswana’s development. If that was the case, he did that for good reasons not for personal reasons. Unfortunately Rra Gaone did not know that he was saving money, only for it to be wasted by the current political leadership in Botswana. Before he died he saw all his dreams for a future prosperous Botswana go up in smoke. The children, especially from a the political movement, the BDP that he founded are busy filling their accounts. It’s no longer national prosperity it is now individual prosperity.

In Masire’s Botswana policies were tailor made to suit the lives of ordinary Batswana, no one was left behind and everyone had equal opportunities. Fast forward to the present and everything has changed and it’s every man for himself. Policies in modern Botswana no longer consider the social impact on the future generation, they are made for now in order to allow certain individuals gain advantage of the law and finance. Today’s leaders are happy to make you miserable, something that we never thought would ever happen when Masire was the President. Words cannot describe how this great nation has lost a father. Rest in peace