It’s inspiring and good to see how Botswana design and art have evolved through fashion. Each very unique and special, the past three years we have seen so much growth, from fashion designers, fashion photographers, fashion bloggers and all round curators. In short the creatives are taking over the economy. These are exciting times for our local fashion industry; we are looking forward to this New Year. Anyway a very happy new year to you,it’s a new year, better ideas, new talent and new fashion energies.

Today seems like a perfect day to introduce you to one of Botswana’s talented bag designer. She remains an inspiration to us, Goitse Deedee Thipe- Shaffer. A savvy fashion lover and a gem to the local creative industry. Goitse is the Head Designer of KenNDee foldover clutch bags; the clutch bag line was inspired by the need to have something other than a handbag that would go with anything and for different occasions. The need to be comfortable with carrying something small and stylish. Goitse’s designs set her apart from other products in the industry in that she incorporates a lot of colour in her clutch bags. The other thing she really work on is making the designs very current and trendy and with outstanding craftsmanship although everything is handmade. This is the only way the brand can be able to be sustainable because the market is always looking for something new. Designers have a challenge of the market they design for, it’s a small country hence the small market so there is need to always bring a new thing every single time because you are dealing with the same customers. Goitse has been able to do that.

One will wonder if there is a future for designing as a profession, because of our small market. Goitse believes that as much as designers are always looking for new creative ways to improve an item, the public is always looking for something unique and authentic and so she believes design has a future. ‘Individuals want to be seen different from others in the way we wear clothing items so we are forever looking for uniqueness, ’adds Goitse.

Goitse’s last words to aspiring designers is that if it’s something you really love, go for it. It won’t be easy but it’s definitely worth it. Be willing to learn and be creative. #RiseBotswana