Health Generation; an oasis for all

Health Generation; an oasis for all

(Pic: Setlhora Baagedi)

Health Generation is a health heaven. It is Botswana’s first and only juice and salad bar and has outlets at the Airport Junction Mall and Central Business District’s (CBD) inside Jack s’ Gym. In October, it will open another shop in Mowana Park, Phakalane.
“There has been a gap in our market for healthy food for a long time. Our shop fills that gap,” explained Communications Manager, Uyapo Ketogetswe.

Ketogetswe explained the Health Generation philosophy as “… a70 percent nutrition and 30 percent exercise.” He said the shop seeks to build healthy living communities nationwide and as part of this, they will collaborate with gyms the country over. Their outlook, he said, is to make themselves more accessible by getting more retail space and doing home and office deliveries.


Their menu will evolve to allow customers to mix their own preferred smoothies and juices.


Ketogetswe said they have been offered a number prime commercial real estate to set up there, an opportunity Ketogetswe said they will exploit. Their menu will evolve to allow customers to mix their own preferred smoothies and juices using the shops wide selection of organic ingredients, which he emphasized are sourced from local farmers.

Their treats include healthy smoothies, ice-cream, salads and juices. Prices vary with standard smoothies going for P37 and muffins selling for P20. I sampled their freshly squeezed pine banana split had my taste buds were invigorated. I also had salmon and chicken sandwich, with an avocado spread in place of butter, and it tasted heavenly.


They used low GI bread, a delicious combination of wheat bran and seeds, that is filling but not bloats. I downed it with a carrot juice, which I later established is a master cleanser, which if drank frequently reduces cholesterol levels and gets the skin to glow.
To market their products, they host tasting sessions in malls and serve in corporate events as well. They will feature at this year’s Gaborone International Food Show.